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Currently we run two classes per week:

Tuesdays at 5.00 pm for Juniors

Tuesdays at 6.45 pm for Seniors

Classes commence each year on the last Tuesday in January

Download the Prospectus above for current term dates and fees.




Junior Class: up to 14 years old

In this class we concentrate on etiquette, fun, throwing and holding

The minimum age is 7 years old



Senior class: from 15 on, but bigger under 15s are encouraged to attend this class

This class covers the full curriculum of modern competitive judo and classical martial art judo.

There is no maximum age, but beginners over 70 are advised to consult their doctor before starting.

Spare suit-tops are available so that beginners can start straight away.

Become a club member and get automatic membership of Judo Victoria Inc, Judo Federation of Australia Inc, Oceania Judo Union, International Judo Federation and receive access to competitions, gradings and sports injury coverage (limited).

The Balwyn Judo Club prospectus, training release form, and membership application form
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The curriculum for each age group is based on the grade syllabus of the Judo Federation of Australia.

In each case, additional material is presented to make sure that all members are given a rounded education in the full range of judo knowledge, techniques, strategies and training methodology.

Thus, all Kata are taught, including those of the Kodokan Women's division.   Various wrist projections and locks, leglocks, striking techniques and short staff exercises are also covered in the senior class.

Below are links to our curriculum notes for grading in each of the standard Judo Federation of Australia age groups (age at 30 December).
As you will see they cover a great range of information and act as memory joggers to reinforce class instruction.
Students are also provided with a list of recommended judo books.

Shonen (u 17yo)

Curriculum Notes
Seinen (o 17yo)

Curriculum Notes

These curricula are copyright to the Balwyn Judo Club.